A buffalo walks into a barber shop….

buff_paint copy

OMG you guys!!! It’s the end of November?! Already?! I’m so behind. But I tell ya what, I’m 75% ready for Thanksgiving so that’s somethin’. Last month I had super fun on Halloween. Super fun! I dressed as a crazy buffalo. There’s a super great new barber shop here in KC, Buffalo Mane. I saw an image of their shop on IG and fell in love with the giant taxidermy buffalo that hangs above their waiting area. I have a thing for buffaloes-I love those guys.

buff1So, I set out to re-create that buffalo head. I had never paper-mached before but I rounded up a profesh and set out to make it happen. I built the structure of cardboard, aluminum foil and masking-tape. We ‘mached the heck outta that. Then I spray-painted it all brown, horns white. I got some magic clay and shaped that around the horns so that they were super smooth. For the eyes I used large black marbles. I created eyelids from felt and placed long, fake lashes in each lid. Then, with three different kinds of faux-fur in tow, I began making a buffalo mane. The following morning I greeted my toddler wearing my new buffalo creation. She didn’t even flinch. That kid is fearless. With some of my super fun creative friends we headed down to buffalo mane so I could get a shot of my two favorite buffaloes together. Halloween, so much fun!  Now to get going on next year’s costume. I kid, I kid. For another take on my buffalo costume, check out the think.make.share blog.



Fancy Lady

Marie13x19       I doodle a lot. I doodle in bed. I doodle when watching tv. I doodle in meetings (but I strategically nod my head so that they think I’m taking detailed notes). Occasionally in my incessant doodling, I get absolutely addicted to one icon. Last year: mermaids. This year: the magical Marie Antoinette. I love her. I love her dresses. I love her hair. They’re the most fun ever to draw. I even drew an entire Hallmark Signature card of the lovely Marie with lots of fancy birthday desserts in her hair. That Marie is available in stores This Marie is available now on my Etsy.

Mo’ Honey, Mo’ Problems


Gah!!! Time is flying by! It’s been a little over one month since Hallmarket and I’m finally, finally getting around to putting my new goods on my Etsy. Slowly but surely stuff is tricklin’ in. This is one of my faves. So true, Mo’ Honey, Mo’ Problems, man.

Circus patterns!

Circus patterns!

This is a quick little circus pattern I illustrated on the fly. I wanted it to look like quick doodles on a chalkboard. You’ll see why later…