Honey bear snugglin’.


A sweet friend of mine is about ready to welcome into her life a teeny, tiny baby boy. And babies need snugglin’! Aaaaaand I love to make stuff for babies. So, since her baby’s power animal is a bear, I whipped up some mischievous little honey bears trying to get themselves some honey! I had the pattern printed at Spoonflower (who, by the way, have the best customer service ever, ever!) and turned it into a snugly blanket for the soon-to-be little man.






Next weekend, me and some of my favorite artsy girls, are packin’ up our sketchbooks and sewing machines and heading away for a weekend of making stuff in a super special cabin. I’m crazy lucky to be surrounded by chicks that are not only super talented, but also super fun and inspirational. I’ve been doodling like crazy, making patterns like a fool, for some new projects I’m working up. This is one of those patterns! Finished projects hopefully coming soon!


Baby’s First Party!







One week ago, my Mini-Me turned a year old. She, by the way, is the cutest one-year-old alive. On the face of the entire planet. To celebrate how amazing she is, and that fact that I successfully kept her alive for a year, I set out to throw a super fun first birthday party. Obviously, I love to draw…so draw I did. I found the ferris wheel cupcake holder when she was merely months old. Swearing I would never go overboard on baby parties, I immediately bought it. I doodled a fun circus pattern for the little party hats. And almost burned my hands off with the hot glue gun making them. I made fun little circus puppet acrobat girls, bunnies and kitties. The bunny made it on the invite (way to go, bunny!). I suspended the acrobats in the middle of sewing rings and hung them among all of the tissue fans. I doodled some little gift bags, doodled and cut out a fun cake-topper and made one zillion yarn pom-pons. Seriously, very, very close to one zillion. I used those bad boys on cake-topper, party hats and for a special party headband for Baby Vivi. Then for food I served cupcakes, of course, soft pretzels, mini corndogs, popcorn, peanuts, and pink lemonade. Yum!!!

Circus patterns!

Circus patterns!

This is a quick little circus pattern I illustrated on the fly. I wanted it to look like quick doodles on a chalkboard. You’ll see why later…

Baby’s turning ONE!!!!




Almost a year ago, the sweetest little snug bug came into our lives. That little baby has inspired the direction of my illustration a lot in the last year. Next weekend we celebrate this amazing year with her. These are the little invites I illustrated for her circus party. I illustrated the little circus girl bunnies, then turned them into fun little, movable puppets on the cover of the invite. More fun party stuff coming!

Snug as a bug…


This is just a teeny, tiny sneak peek of a little personal project I’m workin’ on for a teeny, tiny someone special.

Pictures about bandits…

Pictures about bandits...

Sometimes all the juggling of projects makes me forget about ones in the works that I’ve paused. I am compiling a fun series about a little bandit. Did bunches of drawin’s, but am now busy with a couple other things. I promise to get back to ya bandits, I promise.