Hallmarket Shenanigans!




I love this time of year!!! It’s time for pumpkin lattes, orange leaves, sweaters and Hallmarket! If your local, come to Crown Center this Saturday (September 27) from 10am-5pm for a super fun artist’s market. A bunch of really fantastic artists from Hallmark get together once a year to sell the awesome things they make. These people got some skills, y’all! I will also be selling my fancy ladies. The actual artwork is roughly 13″x18″ when hung it’s about 24-26″. The ladies are embellished with fabric flowers and tassels. The frames are constructed of light wood. For those of you not local, I will be adding these girls to my Etsy this weekend, with some other new works I’ve been mixing’ up.


Heeey ladies!


Sometimes I feel like I just can’t draw fast enough! I’ve been drawin’ lots and everything’s gettin’ wrapped up. Just sent some fun little doodles off to Spoonflower to make some goodies with. I drew this little ditty in a work meeting. I always feel rude doing that, bet truth be told, I retain more info and pay better attention when I’m doodlin’. I wanna expand these girls and maybe make some bedsheets out of them for my little lady’s big girl bed (which isn’t even happening for like another year and a half, at least.) A friend of mine suggested I do a wallpaper with these gals. How fun would that be? I have no idea how to master a repeat like that…whoa!

Well, hello jello!


 Maybe, just maybe, I’m getting caught up. I’ve always got a few little doodlin’ projects going on but I get a little behind on posting them. This time, I’m pretty close to on time. Woohoo! For the Lilla Roger’s class I’m doing, our assignment was to create a pattern that is jello inspired. I sure do love drawin’ some tiny little fruits. A few years ago I worked at K&Company illustrating fun patterns, so it was like old times makin’ a pattern and accompanying it with some smaller accent patterns. I love a good tea towel, so who knows, maybe my little jello ladies with find their sweet faces there soon.


flowers in her hair


Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with drawing hair. It’s like therapy to me, drawing all kinds of lines, makin’ up all sorts of weird hairdos. This little lady is ready for some serious spring action. Seeing snowflakes on my WeatherChannel app for tomorrow makes me a little bummed (and I love snow). I’m ready for flowers, not snow, up in my ‘do.

doodles of cuckoos (clocks, not weirdos )


Last month I enrolled in a Lilla Rogers online course in an effort to help evolve and refine my illustration skills. Our first assignment was to illustrate cuckoo clocks. The black and white images are my preliminary sketches. I looooove doing fine lifework. The final presentation was to be an image that would be marketable as a phone case. I was happy with my final image-however, it is way, way too detailed for the intended application. If I had it to do over again, and a few more hours on my watch, I would have simplified, simplified, simplified. But, I don’t mind the final illustration. It would look cute on a tote bag or somethin’. I do love drawin’ some little critters though.


“Oi’ils mangent de la brioche”-because I’m so french


Friday night I participated in an annual event, Monster Drawing Rally, in which several local artists create a piece of artwork in front of a crowd, then auction that work off with proceeds going to charity. When I paint, I typically stick to watercolor. It’s messy and hard to control. Just like my life. But for this little shindig I decided to use acrylics since I needed a quicker drying time. This painting was done on an 8″x10″ wooden canvas with acrylic and ink.

Little thank you mailers…


Evidently I think all mermaids are French. But seriously, if you were a mermaid, would you not live off the French Riviera? These are little thank you’s I whipped up to go in my mailers. Oui?