Fancy Lady

Marie13x19       I doodle a lot. I doodle in bed. I doodle when watching tv. I doodle in meetings (but I strategically nod my head so that they think I’m taking detailed notes). Occasionally in my incessant doodling, I get absolutely addicted to one icon. Last year: mermaids. This year: the magical Marie Antoinette. I love her. I love her dresses. I love her hair. They’re the most fun ever to draw. I even drew an entire Hallmark Signature card of the lovely Marie with lots of fancy birthday desserts in her hair. That Marie is available in stores This Marie is available now on my Etsy.


Mo’ Honey, Mo’ Problems


Gah!!! Time is flying by! It’s been a little over one month since Hallmarket and I’m finally, finally getting around to putting my new goods on my Etsy. Slowly but surely stuff is tricklin’ in. This is one of my faves. So true, Mo’ Honey, Mo’ Problems, man.