Little thank you mailers…


Evidently I think all mermaids are French. But seriously, if you were a mermaid, would you not live off the French Riviera? These are little thank you’s I whipped up to go in my mailers. Oui?


Lil bits o’fabric


In my last run of fabric I had a bunch of random, unprinted space. Because I’m thrifty to my core, I couldn’t let any inch go unprinted. So, I took a couple of minutes and threw together this little bird-repeat pattern. Not sure what the heck I’ll do with such random little pieces-savin’ these sweet tweets for a rainy day, I s’pose.

Pictures about bandits…

Pictures about bandits...

Sometimes all the juggling of projects makes me forget about ones in the works that I’ve paused. I am compiling a fun series about a little bandit. Did bunches of drawin’s, but am now busy with a couple other things. I promise to get back to ya bandits, I promise.

Pictures for walls…

I love me some drawin’. These are a few of my faves from my shop. This is a bunch of work I did for an annual show called Hallmarket. Even if ya couldn’t make it out to the show, they live on in my shop.  And they’d look great on your wall…you know, that one in the hallway that doesn’t have any love yet.


Remember that scene in Cast Away when Tom Hanks is floating in the middle of the ocean and a giganto whale swims by? That scene scared the heck outta me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to share some H20 with a whale-but I’ll probably be so freaked out that I’ll pee.  I bet one of these swimmers got that nervous.


Tiny elephants mixin’ up teeny, tiny eggs and itty, bitty sugar with a bit of tiny milk…a dash of tiny salt, mmm butter-all mixed up with a tiny, cute whisk.


Man, buffaloes are so cute. But buffaloes in life jackets? Heck yes. I love doodlin’ little supplies. I have a whole bunch of series like this.  Maybe one day they’ll jump outta my sketchbook into the world.

Stuff for babies…

In an attempt to move some of my posts from my Tumblr over to this snazzy new blog, I’m travelin’ back in time a bit. Almost one year ago I made the cutest, snuggliest, orneriest little monster you ever have seen. Needless to stay, my productivity on all things that didn’t involve keeping another human alive, slowed drastically. Before that little gem came into my life, I made a few things specially for her (which I imagine I’ll keep doing until she’s old and tired of junk made by mom). Here are a few of those things I made for her sweet little room. Making kids’ stuff is my gosh darned favorite!Image

Pillows, with fabric I had printed with my illustrations. She loves 50 Bunnies!


Our special little snuggle nook where we read and cuddle at night. I made little bookshelves so you could see all of the great books. I have a secret, most of those Children’s Books are for me. I’ll share ’em though. My friend Lisa made that sweet little plush bunny in the balloon. Other artist friends made some of the fun art for her gallery wall (which will grow and grow in time). I hope she loves art as much as mommy does.


This is artwork I made for baby. Circus puppet girls on unicycles for a little shadowbox that hangs on her gallery wall.


And this little guy is a mobile that hangs over her crib. This lovely raccoon lady and her balloon help carry Vivi to Dreamland. You know what’s tougher than sewing a raccoon plush? Sewing a 7-inch, tiny raccoon plush. My man-hands weren’t made for such dainty jobs.